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Company profile

Company profile

HINPON Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated manufacturer for automobile filters molds, plastic parts, air filter glue-injecting machines, automatic production lines and intelligent molds. The success of HB-88 intelligent and integrated ail filter production line, which we have been focused on for 3 years, has created a pioneer in the filter area. Because of its breakthrough innovation, which has solved the traditional production problems that are not environmentally friendly, inefficient and labors consuming, DB-88 has been in good graces of OEM factories bo...


Our service advantage

Consistently be up to the quality standards of OEM factories is our constant commitment, and persistently satisfy the demands of market is our unchanging direction. HINPON, with the tenet of“The best way to reward the customers is providing the excellent products and services”, faces actively to the international market and competitions, provides the most excellent products, equipment and worry free after-sale services to our customers.



Contact: Daniel Lin

Phone: 13955266606

Tel: 0557-7890018

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Add: Building 8, Situ Industrial Zone, Tonghe Rd, Si County, Suzhou, Anhui, China 234300

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